Them Evils

Interview, Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Them Evils from Costa Mesa, California

Interview, Photoshoot and Concert Review for at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights, Ohio on May 20, 2018.

What a great neighborhood the Grog Shop is located in. It was peaceful this Sunday. I was about to embark on my first full fledged interview for Splice Magazine. I wasn’t too worried, as I had informally interviewed a few other artists, Halo Circus, Mo Pitney, and The Happy Fits among others, but that was just to get a few quotes or some added information for the article.

The interview went well, but a soundcheck that was happening at the same time, cut out one question, due to the fact I could not transcribe anything from the recording.

The concert was awesome, although the lights were very dim causing me to shoot max ISO, and a shutter speed of 1/30, which most would say is impossible. I was able to get some shots, and they had blur, but I thought as a whole, the set had a cool gritty feeling, just like Them Evils!

Jordan, Jake and David could not have been more gracious. I wish the best for these three, and their rock style, Wow!

NOTE: The interview completed a three article set that graced the home page of Splice, all at the same time.

UPDATE: I love it when bands pick up the articles and photos for their down-the-road promotions. Check out where these are shared.


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