Ace Frehley

Photo Shoot and Concert Review Ace Frehley from The Bronx, New York City, NY Sitting at home with the recently released KISS Alive II album (yes kids, this was WAY back in the seventies). Unfolded and set up so the inside gatefold would mimic being at a live concert. This is how I remember getting into one […]Read More Ace Frehley

Sittin’ at a Bar with Rehab

August 2, 2019 (Mansfield, OH) –  Rehab cruised into The Electric Company celebrating their latest release, Galaga. Known for their hits, 1980, Red Water, and Sittin’ at a Bar, they were ready to show this crowd all they had to offer. I knew this would be good, and I’ve followed them since their debut release […]Read More Sittin’ at a Bar with Rehab


Photo Shoot and Concert Review Whitesnake from Middlesbrough, Cleveland, United Kingdom 1984. That was the year I added Whitesnake’s Slide It In to my Columbia House order form. In typical fashion, the cassette arrived in about 2-1/2 weeks. Ripping the cellophane off I could not wait to see what was in store for me. The […]Read More Whitesnake


Photo Shoot and Concert Review Tesla from Sacramento, CA Since 1986 when I bought the very first Tesla album on cassette, I was hooked. Fast forward 33 years later and I was in Columbus (OH) just mere feet from them with camera in hand. Very little fan-boy happens when on assignment, and the time it […]Read More Tesla


Photo Shoot and Concert Review Baroness from Savannah, GA Hard rock metal. Just the right amount of ultra heaviness for my taste. Baroness has been on my radar for a fairly short amount of time actually. I was able to pick up a signed copy of the Purple album a couple of years back, and […]Read More Baroness


Photo Shoot and Concert Review Deafheaven from San Francisco, CA Black metal. Actually Blackgaze. A sonic mashup of shoegaze instrumentals and black metal guttural vocals. Another dimly lit stage and heavy as hell delivery on stage, I went with the flow of things. Some photos were really dark, but it shows exactly what the fans saw. […]Read More Deafheaven

Zeal & Ardor

Photo Shoot and Concert Review Zeal & Ardor from Basil, Switzerland A very interesting band with an awesome sonic landscape. They have some radio-ready music but did not play any of that during their set tonight. I assume that was to keep closer to the black metal that followed them. bathed in very dark light I […]Read More Zeal & Ardor

John 5

Photo Shoot and Concert Review John 5 from Grosse Pointe, MI Sometimes known as Rob Zombie’s guitarist – John 5 was in Akron (OH) for a show and I got the call from The Rust Belt Chronicles for coverage. I had the date available, and couldn’t say no to get up close to one of today’s prolific guitarists. […]Read More John 5

Gypsy Stew

Photo Shoot and Concert Review Gypsy Stew from Ventura, CA Photoshoot and Concert Review for at the River Room Lounge in Loudonville, Ohio on January 5, 2019. It’s been a couple of years since I crossed paths with these two. Last time we were in the same place I recorded their live album that was […]Read More Gypsy Stew

The Happy Fits

Photo Shoot and Concert Review The Happy Fits from Clinton, NJ Photoshoot and Concert Review for at the House of Independents in Asbury Park, New Jersey on December 22, 2018. The Happy Fits. We were here for their Holiday Show. Traveling with my daughter three days before Christmas, this was a monster road trip to see […]Read More The Happy Fits