The Happy Fits – Mini Session

Photo Shoot

The Happy Fits from Pittstown, NJ photographed in Mansfield, OH

What was initially scheduled as a full or half day shoot in Cleveland, The Happy Fits were on a tight schedule. I learned of this the night prior to their arrival. A few phone calls and Facebook messages, and I was able to line up a couple of cool places in the town they were playing, Mansfield. Only catch… we had 45 minutes total for a session, and my daughter Allison would also be shooting some session photo per their request.

A quick plot of the shoot direction netted us a very cool dozen spots within a very small travel space. With Allison and I splitting time shooting, we got some surprisingly great usable shots within this ultra-fast session. My images are on their website, but they used Allison’s images on Social Media profiles, Spotify photo, etc. They are a great group of guys and are really into helping out Allison get her name out there.

Check out their awesome music and vibe at

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