Robert Plant

Fan Shot Photos Robert Plant from Shatterford, England Putting my newly purchased Nikon point and shoot to the test it was time for Robert Plant. Most professional photographers did not even get a soundboard pass and had to sit on the sideline. Positioning myself towards the back of the VIP section I chose to stand […]Read More Robert Plant

Ace Frehley

Photo Shoot and Concert Review Ace Frehley from The Bronx, New York City, NY Sitting at home with the recently released KISS Alive II album (yes kids, this was WAY back in the seventies). Unfolded and set up so the inside gatefold would mimic being at a live concert. This is how I remember getting into one […]Read More Ace Frehley

Sittin’ at a Bar with Rehab

August 2, 2019 (Mansfield, OH) –  Rehab cruised into The Electric Company celebrating their latest release, Galaga. Known for their hits, 1980, Red Water, and Sittin’ at a Bar, they were ready to show this crowd all they had to offer. I knew this would be good, and I’ve followed them since their debut release […]Read More Sittin’ at a Bar with Rehab

Large Family Photo Session

Photo Shoot The Mohicans, Glenmont, OH With a large family that was spread across the country, a wedding day provided the chance to capture a photo of the entire family in one grand photo. The kids can be a challenge. The main photo features only 3 face swaps, to get that perfect expression. Leaving some […]Read More Large Family Photo Session

Mohican 100

Photo Shoot and Sound Support MTB 100 in Loudonville, OH An early morning getting the sound set up at the starting line. Some powerful tunes, and then words from MTB 100 race director Ryan O’Dell. The Pattersons provided the National Anthem, and the race started at 7:00 a.m. sharp. At almost 700 racers strong, these […]Read More Mohican 100


Photo Shoot and Concert Review Whitesnake from Middlesbrough, Cleveland, United Kingdom 1984. That was the year I added Whitesnake’s Slide It In to my Columbia House order form. In typical fashion, the cassette arrived in about 2-1/2 weeks. Ripping the cellophane off I could not wait to see what was in store for me. The […]Read More Whitesnake

3rd Annual Winter Jam

Photos and Live Sound Mixing American Legion Hall in Loudonville, OH A local gathering of many musicians that are out to celebrate everything music. From country to southern rock and also some acoustic, the night was filled with a generous amount of tunes. A few technical issues strapped me to the soundboard a little more […]Read More 3rd Annual Winter Jam


Photo Shoot and Concert Review Tesla from Sacramento, CA Since 1986 when I bought the very first Tesla album on cassette, I was hooked. Fast forward 33 years later and I was in Columbus (OH) just mere feet from them with camera in hand. Very little fan-boy happens when on assignment, and the time it […]Read More Tesla


Photo Shoot and Concert Review Baroness from Savannah, GA Hard rock metal. Just the right amount of ultra heaviness for my taste. Baroness has been on my radar for a fairly short amount of time actually. I was able to pick up a signed copy of the Purple album a couple of years back, and […]Read More Baroness


Photo Shoot and Concert Review Deafheaven from San Francisco, CA Black metal. Actually Blackgaze. A sonic mashup of shoegaze instrumentals and black metal guttural vocals. Another dimly lit stage and heavy as hell delivery on stage, I went with the flow of things. Some photos were really dark, but it shows exactly what the fans saw. […]Read More Deafheaven