The Battle

Photo Shoot and Concert Review

The Battle from Northeast, Ohio

This is the second time photographing this group of really talented and friendly musicians. As they took the stage Chris came to the edge we exchanged a few words and a handshake and then it was all business.

I got so much better shots this time than the first time, as I have been steadily improving. from my position in front of the stage, it was nearly impossible to get a full stage shot, even with the 10mm. I could fit it all, but the corners distorted the subjects in the corners too much for my liking.

I left my spot in front of the stage to get some shots from the balcony. Those shots turned out pretty cool and gave a good feeling of the size of the crowd. I like to incorporate as much as possible to get the feeling of the venue as a whole.

Check out the article HERE!

UPDATE: The battle shared a gallery of my photos on their website

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