Photoshoot and Concert Review

echostep from Cleveland, Ohio

Photoshoot and Concert Review for at The Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio on March 2, 2018.

echostep brought their own lighting and fog machines. The band was bathed in solid reds, greens, and blues throughout their set,  giving me a real challenge. Not only could I barely see the drummer through the fog, the lights were super low, and solid.

The fog actually made the photos easily overexpose, as the atmosphere particles were really bouncing the light and not allowing the camera to pick up objects beyond the fog.

Only having three songs like normal, I made the decision to just focus on the closest objects, and that was mostly the singer. His mannerisms made for great compositions.

Check out the article HERE!

I also picked up their EP, and actually got all four signatures! Great EP!

UPDATE: James contacted me and asked for images to use on their social media platforms. Even though I guess I struggled in my head, I was able to get as he put it, “Great Images”. It’s always nice to hear.



It was also great of echostep to share my two paragraphs about their show on Facebook.

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