A Filthee Sound

Photo Shoot and Gig Review

A Filthee Sound from Northeast, Ohio

Photoshoot and Gig Review for TheRustBeltChronicles.com at The River Room Lounge in Loudonville, Ohio on February 24, 2018.

A Filthee Sound is fronted by Bryan Hall. I have known Bryan for quite some time, first being great friends with his late father Dave Hall. I have resurrected the artist spotlight on TRBC to focus on local bands from area towns that don’t normally get their own coverage and wanted to feature AFS as my second entry.

Lighting was all lighting from behind (you can see examples of this in the article). I can shoot in low light, but not no light. Luckily after talking with Bryan and letting him know this would be near impossible to shoot photos in these conditions. He allowed me to set up two par can lights which I bounced off of the ceiling to give any front lighting I could.

I was able to capture some decent photos, and even took down my lights part of the way through to get some photos of the backlights only. All an experiment and experience, which is valuable, as you never know what you are going to run into when you cannot add your own lighting.

Photos and Review can be found HERE!

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