In Service of Serpents

Photo Shoot

In Service of Serpents from Columbus, Ohio

Photoshoot for at The Phantasy Nightclub in Lakewood, Ohio on February 16, 2018.

In Service of Serpents was ready to take the stage and as I moved forward to get into position, all the front spaces were taken. Not too much of issue as I decided to stay with my 50mm 1.8 lens and just photograph around the obstacles in front of me. If they would have been the headliner I would have been in position quicker, or politely pushed my way through the crowd.

House lighting was being used, and for the most part, it put a red cast on almost everything. A quick hue adjustment allowed me to get the photos back to a nice tone. Although I could not shoot the opposite side of the stage, I was able to crack off a few, and definitely snagged some keepers! Most of that was due to the singer’s expressions, which added to the composition.

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Photographed at the Phantasy Nightclub in Cleveland, Ohio
Photographed at the Phantasy Nightclub in Cleveland, Ohio

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