Never Surrender

Photo Shoot

Never Surrender from Central, Ohio

Photo shoot at Bullshooters in Ashland, Ohio on 12-23-17

Ran into the bassist Tom outside of the venue and let him know my intentions of taking some photos. He was up for it, and it was on.

Spacious room to move around and shoot, but again the same flashy lights most cover bands use. I can see why they like the lights because they flash around giving some great stage action for the audience, not so much ease of getting things dialed in as a photographer.

It was after this shoot I realized the feeling I was looking for in photos, and that I could recreate. I got it, now time to hone it.

I sent a few of the better shots to Tom thanking him for allowing me to invade the space in front of their stage.

A few more images below.

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