One Day Waiting

Photo Shoot

One Day Waiting from Hudson Valley, New York

Opening for The Veer Union it was One Day Waiting that was the first up in front of my lens.

This shoot had produced my favorite photo to date, and it going to be a difficult photo to top. If you’re interested in knowing, it is the blue colored photo. I call these storyteller photos. I shot this with a 10mm Ultra-Wide-Angle lens from eh corner of the photo pit. a took a 6 shot burst, and this was by far the best. It is amazing how things turn out once the universe aligns just right for that split-second and you are able to capture it.

In hunting, it would be said this shoot rewarded me with a trophy buck. It will be printed out and will be hanging on the wall sometime soon.

The article and photos were never published. Check out that photo and some of my other favorite from the set below since they were never published to

Check out One Day Waiting today.

Update: I was contacted by the band as they requested usage of the above image for a possible drum sponsorship. I glady sent tehm a little brighter, high-resolution image.

Update: One Day Waiting saw my photos on Instagram and shared a couple out for their promo purposes. I also sent them high-resolution versions of the above photos plus some. It feels good to be recognized, and to help out with bad-ass photos!


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