The Red Ball Jets

Photo Shoot

The Red Ball Jets from Mansfield, Ohio

Photo shoot at The Dirty Olive in Wooster, Ohio on 12-23-17

Dropped in on the boys from the Red Ball Jets unannounced. They gave me permission to shoot some photos, so I headed inside.

Once inside, I realized this was unlike anything I have shot in my mere two-plus months of photographing. The five-piece band was wedged in between a bar top, and a railing. The keyboards were set on the side, and this place was packed with happy patrons.

Luckily I found a decent space towards the front and staked my claim. once they got started, I took what I could, walking around behind the band so I could get all five members in single shots. Very low light and a low shooting speed created some interesting effects. Eureka! Saw something new I liked. ON a side note, the ceiling looked fantastic with the colors bouncing.

I sent a few of the better shots to Jeremie as a token of my appreciation.

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