Nothing More

Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Nothing More from San Antonio, Texas

Photoshoot and Concert Review for at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 28, 2018.

Luckily Nothing More’s PR was on top of things and notified me early in the day about getting approved for this show. It’s not normally an issue, but this show was 3 hours from my location. With NM hitting the stage at 6:55 I was on the road by 3. Turns out the traffic was horrible and I arrived at check-in at 6:45 and Nothing More had already started their set. Luckily I was approved to shoot the entire Nothing More set, so no harm.

It was quite an impressive set-up. The lighting colors were unique, featuring purples and orange floods of colors, as well as the typical flashes and movement of other colors. Jonny had massive energy, and the Scorpion Tail was a sight to see.

This was the very first outing for the new Canon 80D that I had added just days earlier. With very little knowledge of this body, I actually got some great shots. The next set Breaking Benjamin though… was a struggle.

Concert Review and Photoshoot can be found HERE.

UPDATE: Splice database update did not allow the photo galleries to come over with the articles. I have added the photos here.

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