Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Tesla from Sacramento, CA

Since 1986 when I bought the very first Tesla album on cassette, I was hooked. Fast forward 33 years later and I was in Columbus (OH) just mere feet from them with camera in hand. Very little fan-boy happens when on assignment, and the time it took to photograph the first three songs flew by. But I have the digital proof it happened!

A lot has changed over the years. Mostly getting wiser, but also looking back at the path that took you to where you stand today. My advice… just try new things. Never give up, and always work your hardest at what you do. Who knows where the path might lead – just take it and enjoy the journey, it sure goes by quickly.

Check out the article for Splice-MediaGroup HERE!

Gear List – Canon 80D – Sigma Art 24-70 2.8 | Canon Rebel T6 – Canon 10-18mm 4.5-6.0 | Black Rapid Double Breath | Photoshop Raw Editor

I ended up with 100+ great images but chopped it down to 40(ish) for publication purposes. Some additional unpublished images are below.

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