Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Baroness from Savannah, GA

Hard rock metal. Just the right amount of ultra heaviness for my taste. Baroness has been on my radar for a fairly short amount of time actually. I was able to pick up a signed copy of the Purple album a couple of years back, and have been a fan ever since.

They put on a great show, straight-forward, and no-frills hard rock metal. I was able to keep the colors aligned with their themed production during the evening. Most of the songs followed colored themes just like the color named albums. Another reason not to twist the colors into oblivion. Bands spend big money and much time on their production, and I strive to always keep it true to the eye. It makes it more challenging, but also give me many variations in my photos.

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Gear List – Canon 80D – Sigma Art 24-70 2.8 | Black Rapid Double Breath | Photoshop Raw Editor


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