Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Saliva from Memphis, TN

Photoshoot and Concert Review for at The Electric Company Concert Lounge in Mansfield, Ohio on October 26, 2018.

Back into the System? Sure thing. I’ve been a huge Saliva fan since I picked up their debut album. To say I was a bit excited about this show, might be slightly understated.

Working with The Electric Company, I am basically pre-approved for any show I want to cover, through the venue. With that said, I introduced myself to Saliva’s TM once I was on site and he said usually I need to be approved through the band’s PR prior to the night. I explained my situation, and that if he did not want me to cover that would be fine. He was OK with it and slapped me with some kick-ass Saliva credentials. A quick beer and a Fireball, and I was ready to snap away.

Unfortunately, the lighting situation was less than desirable. I am all one for silhouettes as needed, but the first three songs up front were all with ZERO front lighting. This continued throughout their entire set. Too bad also, as these guys were playing right into my lens, pointing, snarling, etc.

Check out the final photos at the link below. Nothing like lack of lighting to chop your photo yield significantly.

Concert Review and Photoshoot can be found HERE.

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