Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Divebomb from Mansfield, OH

Photoshoot and Concert Review for Splice-Magazine.com at The Electric Company Concert Lounge in Mansfield, Ohio on October 26, 2018.

Midwest Hardcore? I’m game!

Being a fan of some east coast NYC style Hardcore, I really got into Divebomb’s set. It’s a nice break to hear a genre that on the surface is not that different from metal, but at the same time has a completely different vibe.

As the front lights were getting dimmer, these guys ripped around the stage, causing needed shutter speeds to accurately capture crisp images to hit their fail point. Do you know why Hardcore photos always feature blur? The band does not sit still!

This goes along my recurring statements about photographing a bands vibe. With a set of photos unique to only their band that night, my mission was accomplished. I have posted a few of the previously unpublished images I kinda dig.

Concert Review and Photoshoot can be found HERE.

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