The Jessica Hannan Band

Photo Shoot and Gig Review

The Jessica Hannan Band from Northeast, Ohio

Photoshoot and Gig Review for at The Back Room Bar and Grille in Mansfield, Ohio on February 17, 2018.

The Jessica Hannan Band was amped up and ready to put on a great show. I walked in during sound check to see Jessica walking around the room with a tablet in hand adjusting the sound levels. I quickly introduced myself, as I had only met Jessica in passing a couple times prior. She gave me permission to go anywhere on stage I wanted. Most of my photos came from their second set when the energy level was a bit higher, and she was more engaged with the crowd, and not noticing me creeping around as much.

Lighting was the typical RGBW type, but the sequence of their lighting was a slow move and not the typical flashy type. As the lighting sequenced through I metered out to the basic colors, but all on white, or all off, would cause overexposure and underexposure respectively. I tried to anticipate the lighting sequence as best I could, however, some of the action taking place did not sync up.

I was pleased with the photos due to the lighting challenges and was able to snap at least one poster type photo. As easy as it seems, sometimes you just walk away with a bunch of really good photos, but I always like to get at least one awesome photo, and I was able to do so.

Photos and Review can be found HERE!

Update: Jessica used my favorite photo from the set, as her Facebook photo. Nice to know my photos are so loved. Nice to get some recognition not only for me but for the RustBeltChronicles as well.

Full Photo Below!

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