Elvis Monroe

Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Elvis Monroe from Las Vegas, Nevada

Photoshoot and Concert Review for TheRustBeltChronicles.com at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield Park, Ohio on February 9, 2018.

I only needed two songs to get things dialed in. Elvis Monroe was opening for 3 Doors Down, and the venue has awesome lighting.

The three-piece band was quite spread out on the spacious stage, but I did my best to capture them as a group thanks to my 10mm ultra-wide angle lens. The fact that the lead singer would move from one side of the stage to the other made this task a little difficult, but he had a job to do, and that was to put on the best show possible, with two guitars and a backing track for drums.

I was glad there was an opener, as that really allows me to settle into the new venue and get the lighting and photos all balanced out. I’m not sure what most concert photographers do, but I cannot use the onboard metering, as it tends to overexpose in small areas for the most part. I just click and check, repeat until I am good with it. That allows for just small adjustments unless the lighting totally changes.

Photos and Review can be found HERE!

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