IV and the Strange Band

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IV and the Strange Band from Montgomery, Alabama

The Buzzbin in Canton, OH was the place to be. I made sure I was not going to miss this show. Coleman Williams “Hank IV” was in town ready to show what he had to offer.

That offering was nothing short of astounding. Not surprising though, as he is the son of Shelton Williams “Hank III”, and grandson of Hank Williams, Jr., and great-grandson of Hank Williams, Sr. With a bloodline like that, it should come natural, although it also must add some pressure.

Ripping through their set, the songs varied from traditional sounding Outlaw Country to full blown punk attitude as they finished their set up with a Melvin’s cover tune. IV even commented on the mosh pit that broke out early stating “moshing at a country show, this is the third time”. However it was not the last time the crowd was in a fury here at the Buzzbin during this hour long set.

The best part about this tour is it comes prior to the release of IV and the Strange Band’s first album, Southern Circus, which is out June 17th, 2022 (PRE-ORDER HERE).

With two singles out, fans are left to dig up songs through fan shot videos from this tour. Although these fan videos are great, they do not translate the energy felt when you’re there in person. VIDEOS HERE

I dropped in prior to the show to talk with IV briefly to get permission to photograph the show. After some back and forth genuine thank yous, the results are below.


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