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InkCarceration Festival 2021 in Mansfield, OH

2021 music festivals are finally back, although quite a bit different due to Covid. This caused a lack of media, or actually the complete non-existence of media on site.

Upset, maybe. Not really though considering it was just nice to see the promoters being able to get this festival off of the ground here in 2021.

So what do you do when you are used to photographing a festival while enjoying everything too? You still take photos, but just without your professional gear.

Photography at festivals is really about capturing the feel of the festival anyway, so as long as that can be done, having to rely on point and shoot situations isn’t the end of the world.

It was cool to crawl into various mosh pits and try to capture the essence of the mosh. In photos though, the mosh pits can look quite a bit more sparse than when they are in action. I also tried to get some closeups, and full stage shots through the day.

Mostly though, I just enjoyed the music, company of others, and the beer.

Check out a sample of some images I thought bring the festival to life through the lens of a camera.


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