Robert Plant

Fan Shot Photos

Robert Plant from Shatterford, England

Putting my newly purchased Nikon point and shoot to the test it was time for Robert Plant. Most professional photographers did not even get a soundboard pass and had to sit on the sideline.

Positioning myself towards the back of the VIP section I chose to stand center stage. Decent sightlines here and there allowed me to get a few photos of this legend.

Are the photos perfect – no. Do the photos capture the essence of the biggest singer in Classic Rock – YES.

It really is the only way to capture a legend such as RP. A memorable performance it was.

Gear List – Nikon CoolPix B600 | Photoshop JPEG Editing

2 thoughts on “Robert Plant

  1. Brilliant photography here. Positively captivating his deepest sincerity in every way. Supreme choice of every one of your snaps. Thank you for sharing your lovely work.

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