Sittin’ at a Bar with Rehab

August 2, 2019 (Mansfield, OH) – 

Rehab cruised into The Electric Company celebrating their latest release, Galaga. Known for their hits, 1980, Red Water, and Sittin’ at a Bar, they were ready to show this crowd all they had to offer.

I knew this would be good, and I’ve followed them since their debut release of Southern Discomfort. How much fun it was actually caught me off guard. The level of groove they presented was staggering. Flowing rhymes and vocals over live band beats, rhythm, and guitar – was amazing.

Everyone in attendance was on the same page, creating a cohesive vibe. The smaller sized venue The Electric Company was busting at the seams with this display of artistry. Founding member Danny Boone was on point and had things fire hot within a couple of songs.

Imagine for a second – the feeling of being inside of a song. That’s what this felt like, and it was a trip, throughout their entire set. They are now on my must-see list every time they are in the area.

Put ’em on your list!

2 thoughts on “Sittin’ at a Bar with Rehab

  1. I attended this show, my first concert and first rehab concert. Venue was small but the energy wasn’t ! Great article and pictures.

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