Zeal & Ardor

Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Zeal & Ardor from Basil, Switzerland

A very interesting band with an awesome sonic landscape. They have some radio-ready music but did not play any of that during their set tonight. I assume that was to keep closer to the black metal that followed them.

bathed in very dark light I took the approach to shoot low ISO and just shoot things dark, as they were. It was a trade in basically trading 30% unusable images, for lower noise images that did come out. Too black + high ISO + movement = blur and noise galore.

I was happy with the photo yield and was happy with the results looking like what it actually looked like on stage.

Check out the article for Splice-MediaGroup HERE!

Gear List – Canon 80D – Sigma Art 24-70 2.8 | Black Rapid Double Breath | Photoshop Raw Editor


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