Corey Glover

Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Corey Glover from New York City, New York

Photoshoot and Concert Review for The Rust Belt Chronicles at The Electric Company Concert Lounge in Mansfield, Ohio on November 8, 2018.

After getting to chat with Corey and his manager Smitty prior to the show, it was time to photograph and cover the show. Smitty had given me permission to shoot the first three songs, plus moments as the night went on. Sharing some images with him after the first three, he indicated he wanted me to shoot as much as I wanted.

After publishing the article, I supplied all images to Zenergent management and they used some images as promos, which is always very cool!

I did shoot these at a higher ISO than normal, which did not really help out, but it did add a lot more noise than usual.

Concert Review and Photoshoot can be found HERE.

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