Scattered Hamlet

Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Scattered Hamlet from Appalachia Area, PA

On assignment for at The Electric Company Concert Lounge in Mansfield, Ohio on July 18, 2018.

I arrived early enough, I was able to catch their soundcheck. I had briefly been listening to their music and was excited to catch the set.

I had an interview lined up, so when they were finished up with soundcheck, they bellied up to the bar. I bought a round of beers and we proceeded with the interview (check my interview page for link).

A very raw set with a lot of fog and odd lighting not normal for The Electric Company. I find this is the norm, the lighting is NEVER the same. That’s what makes the photography in a concert environment so fun, it’s challenging.

I got some great photos, and due to the similarity in some photos, and the harsh reds and blues, I flipped more than usual to black & white. A super fun evening, with super cool dudes!

Concert Review and Photoshoot can be found HERE.

UPDATE: Adam used a couple of the badass photos for his personal FB account. I cannot say it enough, it’s awesome to see this!


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