Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Bush from London, England

Photoshoot and Concert Review for Splice-MediaGroup.com at the INKcarceration Festival in Mansfield, Ohio on July 14th, 2018.

The first year for the new promoters and the crowd was packing in marking record numbers. Having only a GA photo pass, it made it extremely difficult to photograph the headliners as the crowd swelled to a massive size.

It makes things interesting, and the need to shoot the gaps, between the heads phones, arms, etc. Gaining high ground was only available at about 70 yards away or so, but it proved well within distance for a 300mm max lens.

The stage lighting for this set was definitely focused on Gavin, making the shots of his bandmates few and far between. As you will notice in the article, silhouettes and dimly lit photos were the norms.

Concert Review and Photoshoot can be found HERE.

UPDATE: The Splice Database removed the galleries from the article. I have posted the photo set below.

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