Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Pepper from Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Photoshoot and Concert Review for at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville, Ohio on July 6th, 2018.

Pepper was ready to hit the stage and the crowd was ready. It was early afternoon, and the sun was still high in the sky. The stage was set east to west causing very different light depending on your shooting angle.

The band was gracious enough to ham it up for the cameras when they saw you point your lens their way and that made for some memorable images.

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park is an absolutely beautiful place, and the weather was just about perfect. Just a bit over 70 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky. Add in the cool breeze coming off the water, and it was great.

You can find the full photo gallery and article HERE!

The photo gallery has now been rendered inactive on Splice, I have posted the photo set here!

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