Photo Shoot and Concert Review

Ministry from Los Angeles, California

Photoshoot and Concert Review for at Bogarts in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 10, 2018.

Ministry’s lighting was interesting and served up a serious challenge. Quickly changing patterns, mixed with strobing lights, made for an experimental night. Luckily the first three songs were fairly lengthy and allowed for over twenty minutes of photography.

I was able to spend an evening sifting through the photos to find the best ones. Some that had great composition, were either no good due to poor exposure or blur due to the high energy on stage.

I hit up the band’s after party, and there were a few band members there, but Al was not present. I did not think he would be, but it was a fun experience anyways.

Review and Photo Gallery can be found HERE!

UPDATE: Sin Quirin saw my photo and sent me a message within minutes of posting it. He followed up the message with a straight-up share. I am always beside myself when the musician likes my work well enough to use it on their socials. He also let me know he checked out the gallery on too, which is even cooler! In the words of Wayne and Garth, “I’m not worthy!”

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