System 303

Photo Shoot

System 303 from Ashland, Ohio

Photoshoot for at the Whiskey Warehouse in Mansfield, Ohio on January 06, 2018.

Starting to get a good foothold on what is the best way to capture photos for post-production editing. I was able to move around the room using an ultra-wide angle lens and a 50mm prime lens to get a variety of photos, from a variety of spots. The standard portrait type photos I am improving on, but I am really getting a feel for full stage and full band shots, as well as working in the crowd as I can.

I really strive to catch the feeling of the evening so the viewer of the photos can get a good vibe for the energy in the room. Fog definitely helps, but too much fog will create a haze that is tough to shoot through. Good lighting on a stage can really help fill the gaps in the photo, as I try to anticipate the band movement and lighting to create a keeper.

Photo Recap can be found HERE!

Update: Rusty for System 303 shared out this awesome photo of him on his Instagram account. My photos are getting shared, and I could not be happier.

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