Ohio City Singers

Photo Shoot

The Ohio City Singers from Cleveland, Ohio

Photo Shoot and Concert Review for TheRustBeltChronicles.com at The House of Blues, Cleveland on 12-16-17

The Christmas spirit was in the air as the crowd filed into the venue during the opening act. This concert shoot was an assignment, and I knew nothing about the Ohio City Singers other than they are an area all-star band.

Luckily I shoot with a few different lenses as I started off with the 50mm, but quickly realized I could not get the shots I wanted of all ten individual players, YES TEN. I moved around the front of stage, not trying to get in the way of any patrons. Only getting three songs I switched to my wide angle during the second song for some group shots and trying to capture the energy that was being produced on stage.

I did get permission from security (prior to the concert) to access the balcony during the fourth song and got the stellar shot you see on this post.

Read the article that featured the photos HERE!

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