Gypsy Stew

Live Sound Engineering and Recording

Gypsy Stew from Ventura, California

From time to time I will run sound for bands. I’m not trained in this, and I use older equipment, usually provided by the band, but people say I do a great job. I do what I can.

Usually, I will hook in my laptop and record the set from the board to see how I did during playback. Acoustic music usually sounds pretty darn good, and this time it turned out fantastic (mostly due to the professionals in Gypsy Stew)

During the first Annual Thrills in The Hills Bike Show, they performed and I recorded the entire show. I did some post mastering and tossed the files to GS to see what they thought. Low and behold they released select tracks from my recording as a CD in December of 2017. How cool is that? Shows you that you never know what can happen if you put in a little extra effort. Best wishes to Gayle and Don, see ya soon!

Grab a copy from eBay HERE!

Listen to some tracks HERE!

All cover art by Gypsy Stew and is subject to Copyright.

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