Jai Merina

Acoustic Sessions Competition & CD Packaging Design

Jai Merina from Lucas, Ohio

In 2016 I had the vision to run an acoustic singer-songwriter competition. Acoustic Sessions was born. Not too far off of the DJ path, I mixed and recorded demos of each performance.

Sixteen contestants, performed four each month. The winner of each of the four months performed in the finale.

Jai Merina was voted the winner by the public.

Jai won the following:

• A five-hour recording session at Lava Room Recording Studios, in Cleveland, Ohio.

• Publishing advice from Brownstake Music from Cleveland, Ohio

• A complete photo session with PhoKiss photographer, Angie McIntire (Angie also photographed every contestant and provided them some takeaway images)

• CD packaging design and layout by me, Rockin’ Al.

The photos Angie supplied were very professional and tonally perfect. Working with the photographer, we worked out a way to “dirty them up” as I was pushing to do, after all, it is rock and roll.

Below is the final version of the art. CDs were ordered from Cleveland Disc.

Artwork, Images, and Names ©Allen Heimberger ©PhoKiss Photography ©Jai Merina Music

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