DJ Info

Not Your Typical DJ

Why do I DJ? My love of music. That is why I started, and that is why I have continued to do so over the last few decades.

My number one concern with your event is your music style and tastes. No one event is the same, and the music should follow suit. An in-depth consultation helps me figure out what you like. I also field requests from your guests, within parameters we decide.

Rockin’ Al is a nickname I was given years ago by friends. It stuck, and it’s memorable so I continue to use it to this day. Do not let the “Rockin'” portion fool you though, I am versed in most styles of music, Rock, Country, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B and more. This spans everything from the ’40s to today.

I do not rely on the “standards” to keep the party going. Although I can play all of the typical party songs you hear at every event, I do not need to rely on those to keep an evening effective and fun.

I take all of my musical knowledge and wrap in a personable package. I am here to make your event the best it can be, not to be flashy or all about myself. I do time management, on point announcing, and the general flow throughout the night, leaving you to relax and be a part of things.


I make this simple. No upsells, no hidden costs.

$125 per hour of performance. (start time to finish time, minimum 4 hours)

$200 downpayment. (this will book your date, and is non-refundable)

Travel time if applicable. Located in Loudonville, OH.
NOTE: No travel expense to the Grand Barn at the Mohicans or any location in Loudonville.

Wedding Worksheets

The wedding worksheets have been developed over the years by myself. They are simple forms that allow me to collect the information I need. I have thumbnail versions indicated below. (Not meant to be legible on the web = not giving away my secrets quite yet)

Once you show interest in booking, I send the worksheets along with a contract. It’s that easy.

What Is Included?

Full sound and light production. It is not over the top loud, or flashy, but perfectly selected for a pleasant evening. Perfect sound during cocktails and dinner, and full sound during the dancing celebration.

• Powered sound support by Mackie and Behringer

• 18 Channel wireless mixer for any Live music sound support

• Digital Music and Apple Mac Books

• Wireless Microphones, with fresh batteries, available throughout the evening

• A single light bar show featuring Martin Intelligent Lights, Par Can floodlights and other effect lights. All controlled by DMX for a spot on, fun experience.

This allows for a smaller footprint and keeps it modular for custom set-ups. Every gig is set up custom to the venue. Having modular, and redundent equipment, also allows making sure the event with not be hampered by equipment failure.

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